Roche Harbor Highlands is privately owned. The San Juan Trails Committee is working in partnership with the owners to allow access to this important local landscape. Walkers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers are welcome on these trails and forestry roads. Motorized vehicles are not allowed. Trails in this area may connect to Mitchell Hill and English Camp.

The Trails Committee asks that you respect  this private property. The Highlands contains the Briggs Lake reservoir and surrounding watershed which provides drinking water for the greater Roche Harbor area. Visitors to the property are required to stay away from the lake and urged to do their part to continue to protect water quality.

Note: The NPS has installed signage in their newly acquired areas but trails in the Roche Harbor Highlands form a maze that may become confusing at times. There are very few directional signs here. It is important to use good navigating skills. Print the map and bring it with you along with a compass and/or GPS. Cell phone reception is unreliable so be sure to download the map before setting out..

Pay attention! There is no signage in this area. It’s easy to get confused.

2015 English Camp, Mitchell Hill & RH Highlands
Note: The maps are now in the process of being updated. Please be aware that some information may be out of date until the update process is complete. Caution is required. Users assume all risks associated with navigation.


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