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San Juan Island Trails Committee

Welcome to the home page of the San Juan Island Trails Committee. Island residents and visitors alike are encouraged to use our website to find maps of public trails on San Juan Island, Washington that can be enjoyed for walking, hiking, bicycling and horseback riding. Just click on the Trails tab above to access these trail maps. Other features of our website provide useful information about our committee and our island.

The San Juan Island Trails Committee was created in 1999 by the San Juan Island Park & Recreation District (Island Rec). We are currently a sub-committee of Island Rec, which has been our primary source of financial resources and support  since our inception.  Members of the Trails Committee are volunteers who facilitate discussion and cooperation with public officials and private citizens who share our goals. We also assist with trail building, maintenance, and stewardship.

The Trails Committee does not own any land or trails.  Instead, we collaborate with our existing and potential new trail partners to help maintain existing trails and to encourage new trail development. Without the support of  public agencies and private landowners the residents of and visitors to San Juan Island would not have access to the extensive network of trails. We wish to thank the National Park Service, Washington State Parks, San Juan County Land Bank, Island Rec, the Port of Friday Harbor, the owners of Roche Harbor Resort and the Roche Harbor Highlands area, and various other public and private landowners.

In 2006, assisted by a grant from the National Park Service, the Trails Committee wrote a Trails Plan (pdf file) outlining what we hope to accomplish in 2007-2012. Copies of this plan are also available at the San Juan Island Library. Under this plan, we are working to create island trails, of all types, including those that connect existing trails and places of interest on our island. Our #1 trail priority under development is a 6-mile trail on the east side of Cattle Point Rd. which will eventually connect the Town of Friday Harbor with the visitors center at American Camp.

You are welcome to join in this effort!

Get involved

There are various ways to get involved with our committee and its work.

Keeping up with our activities on this website is a good start. Activities such as hikes, work parties, and social outings are always open to all comers. You might also want to attend a Trails Committee monthly meeting to learn more about what is happening and to contribute your ideas to our efforts. We meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 5:00 to 6:30 pm in the community meeting room of Whidbey Island Bank in Friday Harbor located at the corner of Mullis St. and Market St. next door to the Marketplace grocery store. Enter at the back.

Members are linked via e-mail and new members are always welcome. We frequently host hikes, work parties, and other events between monthly meetings. Send us your e-mail address to info@sanjuanislandtrails.org if you would like to be on our email distribution list for purposes of receiving advance notice of these events, minutes of our monthly meetings, and other trail information. If you have specific trail interests or ways in which you would like to help or participate, send us an e-mail at the same email address.

Perhaps the best way to get involved is to check out our maps and take a hike on beautiful San Juan Island!


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