Roche Harbor Trails Stewardship Program

The stewardship program will initially focus on the Roche Harbor Trails area. Roche Harbor Resort, a private company, has generously welcomed island hikers, bikers, and horseback riders for many years. Through the efforts of the Trails Committee, a system of marked trails is now being used by many islanders and visitors to the island.

This program will enable interested islanders to “adopt” a trail or a portion of a trail and provide general maintenance. The maintenance will include trimming stray branches along a trail that might impede the movement of hikers as well as collecting and removing trash.

We will continue to sponsor work parties for major trail improvements such as building raised walkways and bridges, removing and building fences and tree and limb removal. The “mowers” will mow the wide trails to keep them clear. As the trail system continues to expand around the island, greater opportunities for Stewardship will continue to become available.

Trails currently available for adoption are: # 9, 10, 11, and 13 on the Roche Harbor trail map. A Stewardship Overview for this area is posted here, and can be downloaded as a PDF for printing here. If you are interested in becoming a Trail Steward, please contact:

Sue Buettell (From April through the end of October, Sue’s number is 370-5863).