Roche Harbor Trails Stewardship Program Overview

The focus of the Stewardship Program is to have individuals assume basic responsibility for the maintenance of a trail or portion of a trail in the Roche Harbor Trails area. 

Stewardship Focus:

  1. Visit your trail at least twice monthly
  2. Pick up any trash and carry it out
  3. Bring loppers, hedge cutter, or shears to cut shrubs that infringe on walking or the passage of the tractor
  4. Leave cut shrubs on the trails for the tractor to mulch
  5. Report any hazards (ie: fallen trees) or problems to: David Dehlendorf at 378-1082 or Sue Buettell or 370-5863  (April – end of  October only)
  6. Report, via email, your monthly volunteer hours to: Sue Buettell at