Open this map full screen. (recommended)

open this map on mobile device showing your current position

You may wish to select a different basemap from the drop-down upper right. Topo OSM Cycle World is a good choice.

How To Use Gmap4 Offline┬áCellular service can be very low quality or non-existent on the outer edges of the island. Because of this, it is recommended that you cache the area that you will be visiting before you lose a cellular signal. This is easily done by first clearing the browser’s cache and by then scrolling the screen over the area you are about to visit. Be sure not to exit the browser while traveling or you will lose the cached tiles. You can turn off the gps to save the battery however. Different phones have different available cache sizes. It’s best to zoom out as far as practical if you’re not sure of the available cache. Now you will be able to see your position on the map even without a signal. When you get a signal again, refresh.