At the North end of the island two large private landowners along with the National Park Service provide trails that link to one another. Roche Harbor Village, a private company, has generously welcomed island hikers, bikers and horseback riders for many years.

rh-mowed-trailTrails Committee volunteers worked with Roche Harbor Resort to create a number of beautiful  narrow trails through the woods – and continue to maintain all the trails in this area.

A mowed trail from the Arch at the entrance to Roche Harbor Village (between the airstrip and the Westcott Bay Sculpture Park) goes along the northeast side of the road to the Opalco substation at the intersection of Roche Harbor and West Valley Roads. Other trails have been mowed throughout this area which horse riders and hikers are welcome to enjoy. Please respect all areas of this private property.

Trails in this area also connect to Roche Harbor Highlands, English Camp and Mitchell Hill.

Click “Printable Map” in the sidebar for a PDF of this map

Click “Printable Map” in the sidebar for a PDF of this map

Roche Harbor Highlands