Present: Peter Dawson, David Dehlendorf, Eileen Drath, Louise Dustrude, Alice Hurd, Liz Illg, Ann
Jarrell, Don Jarrell, David Jenkins, Jill Johnson, Mike Lazzari, Kyle Loring, Peter Morrison, Louisa
Nishitani, Cinda Pierce, Howie Rosenfeld, Leslie Veirs

Volunteer Hours this Month:

Today’s meeting:                                                  25.5
General volunteer hours reported by attendees:   24
Work Parties: (all on Land Bank projects)             0
Roche Harbor Stewardship Group:                      11
Total Hours:                                                          60.5

Call to Order:
The regular meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Cinda Pierce; @ 5:15pm. Minutes from
the previous meeting were approved as circulated by email.

Trail Tale:
Eileen Drath shared information with us about a great hike in Bellingham she visited recently—
The Stimpson Family Nature Reserve; a 3 mile loop with a 1.2 mile spur. Directions and
information can be found on-line.
Cinda Pierce brought our attention to the article she wrote about the recent Trails Committee
progress published in the Island Rec Winter/Spring program guide.

Treasurer’s Report:
Liz Illg reported that the Island Rec Board that $1500 be added to the 2010  budget for website
expenses and design, the amount which remained unspent from the 2009 budget.

Old Business:
• A. Web site reconstruction: Mike Lazzarri reported a web host problem with
CenturyTel and the inability to access the Trails Committee website. Tin Dustrude and
Mike Lazzarri are working to solve the problem and in the meantime we have a new site
@ a new domain; For the website updating several members volunteered to
rewrite sections: Alice Hurd and Louise Dustrude will do “All About Us”, Don Jarrell
“Stewardship”, “Bicycles” by the Bicycle subcommittee, Ann Jarrell “Announcements”
and the new calendar feature. Members approved additional expenditures for the website
issues. Liz will provide an exact amount of costs and remaining monies available for our
website at the February meeting. A comments section will need to be monitored before
comments are posted.
• B. Potluck: Eileen Drath reported on our annual winter potluck on Wed. March 3rd at the
San Juan Island Grange Hall from 6-8:30pm. The program is Trails and Trail Building.
Invited speakers are: Peter Dederich, Steve Ulvi, Doug McKutcheon, Cinda Pierce, Brian
Windrope, and Rick Karon. Invitations and flyers are being made for distribution and an
e-mail will be sent out to the membership.
• C. Vice Chair position: Cinda Pierce reported that Dick Keefe has formally resigned as
Vice Chair due to other obligations and the position is being offered to the membership.
Dick Keefe will still provide legal advice to the Trails Committee.
• D. Meeting with Lopez trails group: Due to inclement weather the planned trip to
Lopez was canceled and re-scheduled for January 18th. Louise Dustrude, Dave Zeretzke,
and David Dehlendorf have volunteered to go and answer questions regarding history of
our Trails Committee, goals, trail plans, and pitfalls.
• E. Scenic Byway update: Liz Illg reported that a consultant has been chosen to represent
San Juan Island’s scenic byway project in 2010. A public workshop will be held on
Tues., Feb. 2nd at the Mullis Center from 3:30- 5:30pm. All are encouraged to attend.
Another workshop will be held on Orcas Island Feb. 3rd, 3:30-5:30pm. Timeline for the
project is one year. A request was made to view the completed project on Whidbey
Island, and Liz will bring in that project at the next meeting. The public workshop will be
placed on the Trails website calendar.
• F. ADA Standards update: Cinda Pierce reported that public works was not able to
complete the new standards, and will meet in January. We will then be able to clarify
with public works how the standards will apply to our projects. There will not be a public
meeting, but, Trails will have an opportunity to make comment on decisions made.
• G. Trails update:
a. English Camp connector trail: Louise Dustrude reported that new marker flags
were in place and the ground appeared to be somewhat groomed. Will Hamilton,
land steward for the Roche Harbor, will be constructing the trail on that property,
so no Trails work party will be needed. The National Park Service is still busy
with the American Camp trail, so have not begun construction on their section.
Trails will be helping with construction there when scheduled by the NPS.
b. Cattlepoint trail: Public Works has chips and a culvert on their schedule for the
Nishitani property. PW is also going to survey and flag the road right of way from
Cattlepoint along the west side of Golf Course Rd. to the Golf Course cutoff trail
for future trail development and a pending easement.
c. San Juan Valley Trail: Steve Ulvi and Mike Lazzarri are meeting with Rachel
Dietzman of Public Works and possibly Mayor Carrie Lacher to discuss the
Valley Trail.

New Business:
• A. Meeting Reminder notices: Jill Johnson apologized for not getting out the meeting
notice e-mail to the membership. Notices will be sent out twice monthly for the Steering
Committee meeting and the general membership meeting.
• B.Trails plans updates for Public Works: Trails plans updates are due in to Public
Works by the end of March. Trail Managers will prepare an update on their specific trail
project that will then be submitted for consideration by Public Works in their yearly trail
planning section in the end of April. Cinda will contact Rachel Dietzman for specific
guidelines and formatting desired for these reports. Also copies of last year’s reports will
be given to the Trail Project Managers for reference.
• C. Membership issues: Leslie Veirs brought up concerns about the discovery of a
container of TSP found at Roche Harbor and apparently being used on the elevated
boardwalk to reduce slipperiness. The concern is that TSP is detrimental to the
environment and a more appropriate solution needs to be found. Chicken wire or power
washing were suggested. Leslie inquired if we have a policy regarding usage of TSP and
if not, that perhaps we should investigate developing one. Leslie will approach the Roche
Harbor stewards with the information.
Important Dates:
Wed., February 3rd, Steering Committee Meeting, 5pm Library
Wed., February 10th, Monthly Meeting, 5pm Whidbey Island Bank
Wed., March 3rd, Annual Potluck, Grange Hall, 6-8:30pm

Respectfully submitted,
Jill Johnson

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