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  1. There has been a noticeable and detrimental increase in motorcycle use around the Mitchell Hill trails. It is appearing on all trails and on the fire roads. New cut-offs and trail features are being added as a result of the motorcyclists. This is occurring on both National Park and Roche Harbor lands. With the softening trail surfaces of the autumn, the tires are ripping up the trails and creating ruts that will promote increased erosion as the weather turns wetter. I would like to generate a community response to this issue as it impacts all users. I use the trails sometimes four to six days a week and over the years have only directly encountered a motorcyclist once. I would like to generate a discussion of how we can address this issue as legitimate trail users. Do we work with motorcycle users to forge use parameters? Any ideas are welcome.

  2. I may be missing something – this is in the Washington state San Juans, correct? I can’t see anywhere that the specific island name is included in any descriptions?

  3. Please point e-mail site where I can get updated trail maps on San Juan Islands. I would like to print them out for use when I visit and show visitors the many opportunities to hike. My copies are quite dated and worn.
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  4. I see little x’s on trails on the Northern Trails map yet there is no legend telling what they signify.

  5. I’m planning a trip to Friday Harbor, and I plan to bring my cyclocross bike, so I can ride some road and some trail. Are there any trails that would be too technical for a cyclocross bike?

  6. While visiting Roche Harbor 04/21-22, I took advantage of the great weather and hit the RH and RH Highlands trails up to and around Young Hill and was immediately reminded what a true asset an extensive trail system is. First and foremost it enables us to get to and through where we all need to spend some of our quality time – surrounded by nature. Being someone who likes some dirt on my shoes, I want to thank you for making our (and in particular, my) trip to SJI most enjoyable.

  7. We greatly appreciate the outstanding job that the trails committee has achieved on the island. Just wondering if there are any plans/attempts to establish a bike trail along the westside (perhaps separate from the road) that would benefit both tourism and the local community?

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