The Bike Paths Sub-committee, created in October of 2008, was the result of a grass-roots effort to promote bicycle interests within the Trails Committee and increase safe cycling opportunities island-wide. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people to network with other bicycle enthusiasts, share views and ideas leading to greater opportunities for safe cycling, and explore the potential for reducing local dependence on autos. Data from both past surveys as well as emerging from recent public meetings and surveys of local residents consistently indicates a very high need for improved cycling opportunities on San Juan Island.

Our projects fall into three main categories: multi-use trail development, town/county road safety improvements, and mountain bike trail opportunities. We advocate for town and county road safety improvements and are currently involved with the County Parks Recreation and Land Preservation Plan and the Scenic Byways Corridor Management Plan. We enjoy our scenic roadways and promote bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements that maintains the rural character and preserves the natural beauty of our surroundings. We continue to seek improvements to multi-use, inter-modal routes so that safe travel and recreation enhances the quality of life for islanders and visitors alike.


* Establishing a multi use trail across San Juan Valley connecting Town and Trout Lake Watershed.

* Expanding shoulders on designated roads and pending road projects .

* Creating a multi-use trail to Gravel Pit and Jackson’s Beach – thru recently annexed properties.

* Advocate for safety improvements on Bailer Hill, West side, West Valley, & Mitchell Bay Rd.

* Review Bicycle Signage island-wide: Promoting “Share the Road” message & education.

* Insuring continued future bicycle access to Mitchell Hill National Park Service land.


We are actively seeking new members to join in this effort. We meet quarterly on 3nd Monday of the month from 5:00 to 6:30 in the Whidbey Island Bank meeting room, (on the corner of Mullis and Market Streets, next door to the Friday Harbor Marketplace grocery store). For the date of our next meeting please check the Calendar. We encourage you to read the minutes from our previous meetings.